Death to fascism, socialism will prevail!

Today, humanity remembers a historic landmark, May 9, the 77th anniversary of the victory over fascism. The Soviet Union and its people as well as the anti-fascist partisans across Europe have greatly defended the values of humankind against Nazi Fascism and their collaborators.

This year’s celebration of May 9 happens at a time marked by war in Ukraine and the deepening crisis of world capitalism. Moreover, Western imperialists are materializing the war to legitimize their long-awaited aspirations of fascism that was defeated by anti-fascists, progressives and working-class people. Western imperialists are pouring war equipment into Ukraine in which neo-Nazi elements are actively fighting on the frontlines. Meanwhile, the historical monuments belonging to Soviet history are under attack in several European countries and European governments are actively fuelling racist sentiments. We have seen this before. We have defeated them before.

We pay our respects to all those who have fallen in the fight against fascism, especially to the heroic Soviet people and partisans. We reaffirm our commitment to the anti-fascist and progressive struggle. We also reaffirm our confidence that the unity and struggle of the world’s anti-fascist and anti-imperialist forces will defeat the disturbing threats to freedom and peace.

Workers’ Party of Turkey (TİP)