Workers’ Party of Turkey (TİP) International Committee’s statement on the

In 2005 United Nations published a statement on the commemoration Day of the end of the World War 2. UN stressed the “Importance of Dialogue, Tolerance, Rejection of War” & stressed “the determination ‘Never to Forget’. Same year more than 50 leaders attended May 9th parade in Moscow including U.S., Chinese, French, Indian, German, Italian and Japanese heads of government and the U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan.

However, neither in 70th nor in 75th anniversary the same scene has not followed. Basically because the capitalist-imperialistcountries changed their approach to may 9th. After 2005 (60thanniversary) most of the Western countries stopped organizing or participating WW2 commemorations. The color revolutions and militarization of the Eastern and Central Europe further escalated the tension between Russia and the G-7 countries and a new strategy emerged: blurring and distorting the Red Army’s role in the victory against fascism in WW2. 

Today School kids in many of the Central and Eastern European countries taught that the Americans saved their countries from the Nazi Occupation, not the Red Army of the Soviet Union! Populist right wing leaderships of Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and many others furthering their campaign of de-Sovietisation of their history, architecture, school curriculum and culture. In Czech Republic for example, May 9th replaced by May 5th and they began commemorating “the Prague uprising and liberation of Plzenby American troops” on 5th of May. Similar attitudes could be seen in many other countries as well.

In the former Soviet countries like Russian Federation and Kazakhstan the new leaderships distorting the May  9th content by transforming it into a national and folkloric event. They commemorate may 9th as a national holiday while broadcasting nationalism and anti-Soviet sentiments in their own countries. 

However, peace activist and communist all over the world continue to stress the importance of anti-war commemorations. As a reaction to the Western countries’ anti-propaganda efforts on the importance of May 9th, several civil initiatives emerged to commemorate that important day against war and fascism. Among them “The Immortal Regiment” is a massive civil event worth to mention. “Besmertny Polk” staged in major cities in Russia and around the world every May 9th. 

Workers’ Party of Turkey (TİP) stresses the importance of anti-war efforts and struggle against fascism in contemporary conditions of the world. War, militarization and fascism and neo-fascism are still on the agenda all around the world. We will never forget the great victory of the Red Army and the partisans in WW2 and continue to fight against capitalism, fascism and imperialism.

Workers’ Party of Turkey (TİP)

International Committee

May 9th, 2020