75 years of Zionist occupation and oppression have ended with the rejection of all peace and mediation efforts by Israel, which has military superiority, and the people of Gaza are condemned to live in an open-air prison measuring 10X40 km. The Gaza-based resistance forces’ attacks on Israeli territory and their capture of Israeli soldiers and civilians have been met with a massive military counter-attack from Tel Aviv.

We stand by the Palestinian people and their right to self-defence. We know that it is the Zionists who prefer war to peace. On the other hand, we find the targeting of civilians, the torture, the “captivity” of children unacceptable under any circumstances, even under conditions of war.

From Palestine to Yemen, from the Caucasus to Rojava, the developments that are murdering and displacing people in all regions are the result of the blood and violence politics of imperialist centers and regional militarist governments. We do not infer our political conclusions from any single incident, but at the international system that creates this whole process, and we take a stance with the awareness that the struggle against imperialist capitalism that produces war and militarism is the struggle of human values against barbarism.

We know that the AKP government is Israel’s foremost business partner despite its so-called Palestine-friendly statements. The Palace Regime in Ankara is in the process of political-economic and even military co-operation with Israel in many areas from the Caucasus to the Eastern Mediterranean. We do not expect the Zionists, the political Islamists or the “liberal” imperialist centers, to take a step in the name of humanity and peace.

For peace, we have to liberate our peoples not only from Zionist occupation and oppression, but also from their political Islamist collaborators who are their trading partners in our region.

Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people for freedom and equality.

Workers’ Party of Turkey (TİP)