Stop Occupation, Annexation and Displacements in Palestine!

Established on the basis of dispossession and displacement of Palestinians, the State of Israel has been trying to escalate its annexation of the settlements in West Bank and make East Jerusalem a part of the occupation-annexation process. The past months have seen the Zionist regime once again show its true colours, as Palestinians rose in protest against state-sponsored Zionist settlers who forcibly occupied the homes of Palestinians especially in East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah district. The regime did not hesitate to fire plastic and real bullets on tens of thousands of civilians who gathered in Jerusalem, in Israel and the West Bank, and in besieged Gaza in front of TV cameras.  

Disregarding nearly 300 resolutions passed by the UN Security Council and its affiliated organizations in the last 72 years, the Israeli State continues to resort to military force that will render the peaceful resolution of the problem impossible. Indeed so, what allows these oppressive policies to persist is the hypocrisy of states: states who made declarations affirming the righteousness of Palestinians, states who refuse to follow up on these declarations with sanctions. 

The AKP regime is also guilty of this hypocritical policy. AKP, which feigns pro-Palestinianism, is one of the biggest trade partners of the occupation. It is no surprise that the companies facilitating imports from and exports to Israel are supporters and beneficiaries of the AKP-MHP alliance. This policy can be pursued no longer, and all economic relations with the Israeli state must be terminated. 

The AKP and the reactionary governments of other countries in the region, using Palestine as a trump card for their political Islamist policies and as a means of consolidation in domestic politics, cannot be the defenders of the just cause of the Palestine. These are essentially the enemies of the Palestinian people as they are hiding their true face.

The exploited and oppressed peoples of Turkey, workers and anti-imperialists of these lands, unconditionally stand by the struggle of the Palestinian people against occupation and dispalacements, as they have been doing so since 1948.

As the Workers’ Party of Turkey, we recognize that in all countries, autocratic regimes like that of Erdoğan’s, which are hostile to labour, freedom and justice are partners to each other.

We express our unswerving solidarity with the Palestinian people who are exiled, displaced, dispossessed, and discriminated against and we stand up for their just cause. 

Stop evictions in Sheikh Jarrah, stop the annexation of East Jerusalem!

Down with the Apartheid regime and the Zionist project!

Long live the Palestinian resistance, long live international solidarity!

Workers’ Party of Turkey