PEACE IS THE ONLY WAY! We oppose both NATO’s Eastward expansion and Russia’s attack.

Russia’s military action against Ukraine has begun. Moscow Government’s justification for its expansionist attempts on some historical references is unacceptable. The welfare of the peoples of the world will be ensured not by glorifying the bloody colonial and nationalist legacy, but by the steps towards peace. The military action of the Russian Army must end immediately, and the comprehensive negotiation process that will bring stability and peace to the region must begin as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the main factor destabilizing not only the Russia-Ukraine line but also many regions of the world is the NATO itself and its expansion goals. Led by the USA and functioning as a war device of imperialism, NATO means the most important threat to the peoples of the world. The primary objective of the comprehensive negotiation process should be to discuss NATO’s enlargement perspective and expansionist policies.

The global arms race is another major threat to the people of the world. NATO member states including Turkey, and countries like India, China and Russia have entered into an arms race that is rare in the world history. The retreat in recent years from the agreements between Washington and Moscow which were aimed at limiting weapons of mass destruction dating back to the days of the Soviet Union is worrisome, as it shows that a constructive and compromise-based understanding has been abandoned. Another pillar of the comprehensive solution is to create a basis for controlling and the arms race.

This war, which is also very closely related to our country, means a great threat to all the peoples of the region. Military tensions and conflicts, wars and occupations bring death, destruction, poverty, mass migration and instability.

The Workers’ Party of Turkey is against the pursuit of military solutions, aggression, imperialist and expansionist initiatives. It is clear that in our country, there are those who want to pour fuel on the fire, those who aim to be a part of the arms race, and those who hope to take advantage of a conflict. However, the solution lies in comprehensive negotiations and peace.


We warn the ruling AKP Government. All requests from any party that would constitute a violation of the Montreux Straits Convention should be rejected. It is not in our people’s interest to support war and arming in an unstable and firing-line region. Turkey should be a party to peace and take the necessary initiatives for this.

Workers’ Party of Turkey