For Our Country, Our Future and Our Children We Will Defend Life and Peace!

We mourn for our citizens who lost their lives as a result of the terrorist attack on İstiklal Street, and we wish our condolences to their relatives and a speedy recovery to the injured. We condemn the perpetrators and those responsible for this attack.

No power can design Turkey by using bombs. No power can take away our people’s desire for a decent human life. The people of this country will not surrender to the politics of violence, nor will we ever.

All government officials, who have been unable to protect the lives of our citizens and the border security of the country but have used the conflict environment and internal-external tensions as a political tool for years, should resign immediately.

Those rushing to infringe the right to receive information and impose a broadcast ban immediately after the attack; those hunting down the social media posts after an explosion in which our citizens lost their lives; the carefree people of the Palace, so dehumanized as to call our citizens who lost their lives or were wounded as “numbers”, do not care about anything but their power, and threaten the peace and security environment in our country.

As the Workers’ Party of Turkey, we know that we can build a bright future for our country by defending a humane life.

We are enraged at those seeking political gain from the death of civilians. We are aware that today it is necessary not to succumb to our anger and to fight harder to build a country, where we will live in equality, freedom, and solidarity.

Turkey should not be associated with regional wars and tensions or known as an operation area for all kinds of mafia-gang-terrorist organizations.

We will defend and establish a humane life for our country, our future, and our children.

Our condolences to our people.

Workers’ Party of Turkey