The Turkish Armed Forces announced that 6 Turkish soldiers were killed in the Saraqib region of the Idlib province of Syria. We extend our condolences to the relatives of all soldiers who lost their lives.

Our country is on the brink of a war with our neighbor Syria due to the dirty policy pursued by the AKP and the Erdoğan regime enjoying a totalitarian power over Turkey for years.

This issue is serious!

Syria has been fighting against forces trying to divide the country for almost 9 years. The forefront countries leading the international intervention in Syria has been USA and unfortunately, Turkey.

Imperialists are trying to weaken Syria for the sake of oil, for the security of Israel, in order to increase the threat against Iran and Palestine. The AKP government both serves these purposes and tries to strengthen its hand in the region by patronizing the jihadist forces.

There is no explanation for the war against the Syrian army on the Syrian territory.

Dividing and weakening Syria is in the interests of Trump, Netanyahu, but not in the interest of private Memed. 

Dividing and weakening Syria is in the interests of bosses enjoying privileges under Erdoğan regime, not the workers Ayşe or Fatma.

And Erdogan; He tries to put the country into war for the sweeping ambitions of Trump, bosses and himself.

It is clear that the Erdoğan regime does not represent the public, but vanguards a dirty war against people of Turkey, Syria, Iran and Palestine.

Turkey is de facto falls into the category of an occupant country in a sovereign country. 

Our country does not deserve this dishonor.

Before it is too late, the TSK should withdraw from Syria without spilling any more blood, and the solution of the problems should be provided by direct ties between Ankara and Damascus.Down with war, long live peace!